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Peercoin (PPC) exchanges comparison: buy, sell, swap

Peercoin (PPC) key market data:

  • type: Cryptocurrency
  • consensus: PoW + PoS
  • market cap: $13,539,698
  • market rank: #1210
  • supply total: 27,241,365
  • supply available: 28,749,108
  • mineable
  • PPC/USD: $0.47

Peercoin is a Cryptocurrency, the network powered by PoW + PoS (consensus mechanism based on both mining and stacking) algorithm. The original software was developed by Scott Nadal & Sunny King and first released August 12th, 2012. The official Peercoin website is

As of today, June 22nd, 2024, out of totally available 27,241,365 PPC, 28,749,108 are in circulation. It's possible to mine peercoins. The total market capitalization of peercoin is $13,539,698, the rank among other cryptocurrencies (based on the capitalization) is #1,210. The current rate of 1 PPC is $0.47 USD.

Peercoin is among the earliest created altcoins, it was the first cryptocurrency to introduce the PoS consensus algorithm. Peercoin currently uses both PoW and PoS. The staking reward in 1% per coin per year; PPC holders eager to participate in PoS minting should reserve the balance for staking and withheld it from spending for 520 blocks.

Although technically Peercoin has a fixed limit on the number of possible coins, it's practically unreachable (considering the mining rewards) in a foreseen future. In fact, the PPC network has a 1% yearly inflation (to reward the nodes participating in the staking process) and limitless money supply.

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Peercoin is currently supported by 0% of exchanges (0 of 10) currently having active orders at ExchangeRates.Pro: have offers, allowing you to buy and sell PPC. Let's check and compare which of these exchanges will suit you the best, dear visitor!

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Sorry, at the moment there are no active exchanges with live offers to buy/sell Peercoin with fiat currencies in United States. Our teams tries our best to add some ASAP!

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