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Augur (REP) exchanges comparison: buy, sell, swap

Augur (REP) key market data:

  • type: Utility Token
  • market cap: $7,033,161
  • market rank: #1565
  • supply total: 8,032,044
  • supply available: 8,032,044
  • not mineable
  • REP/USD: $0.88

Augur is a Token, namely, an Utility token based on the erc20 standard. The original software was developed by Jack Peterson & Joey Krug from US and first released October 27th, 2015. Nowadays the cryptocurrency is managed by the Forecast Foundation, an organization based in the EE. Augur is aiming to serve the Gambling industry, among the other use cases. The official Augur website is

As of today, June 19th, 2024, out of totally available 8,032,044 REP, 8,032,044 are in circulation. It's not possible to mine augurs. The total market capitalization of augur is $7,033,161, the rank among other cryptocurrencies (based on the capitalization) is #1,565. The current rate of 1 REP is $0.88 USD.

Augur is an open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer prediction market platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike centralized betting platforms allowing users to bet on questions chosen by the operator, Augur allows creating a market for any event — politics, sports, crypto, culture, whatever — for anyone anywhere. After the user creates a market, that requires spending some funds, other users can bet on the outcome buying shares; the creator receives some percentage of the fees. Users are not obliged to hold the shares while waiting for the outcome; shares can be freely sold and bought at any time (until the event happens).

REP ("Reputation") is used for reporting on and disputing the outcomes of future and past events; it's not required to have REP to start using Augur, ETH is also accepted as a currency. The REP holders are rewarded for reporting the correct winning outcome of the event after it occurs (more REP the user holds, the greater commission he/she receives), while others can dispute if they don't agree. Persons reporting the wrong outcome will lose the REP tokens, hence the name. The initial supply of REP tokens was distributed by the means of ICO crowdsale in 2015, making it one of the first decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Top Augur exchanges

Augur is currently supported by 10% of exchanges (1 of 10) currently having active orders at ExchangeRates.Pro: 1 Trading Platforms have offers, allowing you to buy and sell REP. Let's check and compare which of these exchanges will suit you the best, dear visitor!

Our choice: the best exchange for Augur in United States

There are some worthy and undoubtedly good, trusted exchanges among the ones with REP support. One of them, Kraken trading platform, is really special! Our visitors and the ranking algorithms came to this conclusion while comparing and reviewing the websites and apps exchanging Augur. The service is extraordinarily fine, very few of the rest 332 exchanges and 15 trading platform sites we compare could receive such kind words in the testimonials and so impressive numbers in the results. It's so good that we feel obliged to share our experience with you, dear guest! Let's mention the key fact and describe the most important features making Kraken an ideal trading platform for buying, selling and exchanging REP in United States:

Kraken website: the home page in English

KRAKEN is a Trading Platform; Payward, Inc. (dba Kraken) had started the project back in July 2011. The company is incorporated in the United States and headquartered in San Francisco. The official street address of Kraken is 237 Kearny Street Suite 102 San Francisco, CA 94108. The operational entity is a registered, regulated and licensed financial company. License granted by the FinCEN, the Firm is holding the Money Transmission license. FINCEN registration number 31000176593851. This is a highly trusted, undoubtedly a reputable, a long-standing, settled service. Trading Platform works with 34 cryptocurrencies and tokens: AAVE, ADA, BCHABC, BTC, BTT, DAI, DASH, DOT, EOS, ETC, ETH, FIL, ICP, ICX, KSM, LINK, LTC, MATIC, OMG, REP, SOL, SUSHI, TRX, TUSD, UNI, USDC, USDT, WAVES, WBTC, XLM, XMR, XRP, ZEC, ZRX.

The customers are welcome to buy and sell coins and tokens with 7 national aka fiat currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD. Totally 10 payment systems and banks are at your's disposal. Besides, we can swap the cryptos and tokens, converting one into another. Apart from the currencies conversion operations, is offering some other services, that could be interesting for crypto-users, like Mobile wallet, OTC trading, Margin Trading, Futures Trading, Staking, MasterNodes, etc. (passive income opportunity). Impressive, right? The features that our users enjoy the most out of this wonderful platform:

  • It is an officially registered Money Service Business. The firm applied for and received all the required licenses, it's watched over by the regulators and is fully compliant with the laws
  • The website has being online and operational for years; it started up 12 years and 10 months ago
  • The platform allows deposits/withdrawals in 34 cryptocurrencies and 7 national ones. In total, you may choose from 10 online banks and payment systems. Crypto- and tokens- exchanging aside, some other services are rendered: Mobile wallet, OTC trading, Margin Trading, Futures Trading and Staking, MasterNodes, etc. (passive income opportunity)
  • The reviews from the users are very, very favorable and full of love, 100%, 3 out of 3 are very happy and pleased with their experience at Kraken. As per the details we got from the real clients:
    • Customer care is exemplary, the best
    • The speed of the payments processing is lightning fast, instant
    • The KYC process is always super-fast

Kraken currently provides 3 ways of purchase and sale Augurs in United States with the national currencies and the most exciting news are that the payments in US Dollars are possible:

  • Any Local Bank, the local bank in US. Will work absolutely for any domestic bank of United States!
  • Etana, a way to pay locally or internationally.
  • SWIFT Transfer, a payment system of international bank transfers type.

Sweet! Buying and selling with fiat aside, there are 27 cryptocoins and tokens exchangeable with REP: AAVE, ADA, BCHABC, DAI, DASH, DOT, EOS, ETC, ETH, FIL, ICX, KSM, LINK, LTC, MATIC, OMG, SOL, TRX, UNI, USDC, USDT, WAVES, WBTC, XLM, XMR, XRP, ZRX can be converted to Augur and vice versa any time you please.

Time to make a conclusion. Our platform of choice to exchange Augur is

Kraken, an absolutely secure, highly trusted trading platform, rated 100/100. Such scoring result is a great achievement indeed, only a few competing websites could get such a big rating! Let's break down why the exchange managed to get such rating and what does this mean:
Time in the business: 12 years 10 months
Feedback count: 3
Reviews: 3 positive, 0 negative, 0 neutral
Business model: licensed, fully compliant
Order Speed: instant
Support Quality: perfect
Verification Speed: instant
UI Usability: perfect

Overall Kraken score: 100 / 100

Top REP exchanges to buy/sell in United States

United States flag

Although all the exchanges supported by ExchangeRates.Pro are well-known, reliable, and trustworthy (all were thoroughly checked by our staff before listing), we've selected the best of the best for you. Exchanges that were top-rated by various sources, some are providing really outstanding service you'd love and remember. We (staff and the software) selected some of the most trusted platforms for our comparison and this top list, based on customers' feedback, time in the business, reputation, our own and independent reviews and other factors. Please note that we include only the "buy and sell" exchanges here, where you can swap rep with fiat (national) currencies. Here are the top exchanges to buy and sell augurs in United States:

  1. Kraken a Trading Platform established July, 2011. Transparent and legally compliant business with all the required business licenses and permissions. Clients are required to pass through the verification process to use the service. Great news! Kraken supports your local currency US Dollar; feel free to use any of these 3 banks and payment systems to buy and sell Augur domestically:
    • Any Local Bank (local banks). Can use for the purchasing and withdrawals likewise. The method of payment works for absolutely any domestic bank in United States!
    • Etana. Can use for the purchasing and withdrawals likewise.
    • SWIFT Transfer (international bank transfers). Can use for the purchasing and withdrawals likewise.
    Nice! | 3 reviews, 100% positive check out REP/USD @ Kraken!

Where to buy REP

Are you looking for the best place to buy augurs? Of course, you are! Our price comparison of exchanges is here to help, although the easiest way is to check the best offers right away @ ExchangeRates.Pro, feel free to compare yourself. Let us show you what banks and payment systems you can use to buy and sell REP, based on your location and preferences.

Where can you buy REP in United States

At this moment, there are 1 offers to buy Augur in United States. Our software is collecting the statistics about the popularity of specific local banks and payment systems. Usually, the top ones that are the most popular are also very convenient. Otherwise, why would these become so popular? You can choose any of these right away, please be our guest:

  • Any Local Bank in USD: payments by Local Banks. This one is a universal offer, that will work for any bank. Offered 1 times

Easiest, safest, fastest ways to buy rep worldwide

We've compared a lot of offers to find the top ones; right now we have 2 ways for you to purchase augur available worldwide. Enough to choose from, right? Please keep in mind that not all of these may be possible to pay with US Dollar, the ones that will surely be good for the domestic currency are a little bit above. The top popular ways to purchase REP crypto:

  • SWIFT Transfer in USD Actually it's a multi-currency option, you are supposed to pay by the International Bank Transfers. This way to send fiat money will work worldwide. United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, etc. are covered. Suggested in 1 offers
  • Etana in USD from 217 countries: an international payment system. A multi-country payment system. Suggested in 1 offers

Where to sell REP

Even the greatest REP HODL GANG members sometimes have to sell some of their precious coins. It's alright, everyone does it sometimes and we are here to help! We know you want to find the buyer which will give you the highest price, there are such ones at our platform — check ExchangeRates.Pro now to find the highest rate to sell augurs to US Dollar and 152 more local currencies! There are various opportunities to swap your coins to hard cash, we list the most requested ones below.

Where can you sell REP in United States

There are currently 1 opportunities to cash out your augur coins in US. You'd likely need to out-exchange the crypto to pay for some local expenses, shopping, etc. It's reasonable to choose the safest and most comfortable option — a local bank you are using, your preferred payment system or cash in your city. Here is our top list of the ways other people in United States prefer to exchange augur to fiat:

  • Any Local Bank in USD: you will receive money using the Local Banks. Please be aware that this will work for any local bank account! Proposed by 1 buyers

Easiest, safest, fastest ways to sell REP worldwide

Sometimes you may need to transfer the money to another country. If you are holding REP, it makes sense to exchange some of these coins to the currency of that country. We can't know where exactly you would like to send the funds, so we will show you the most requested banks and payment systems worldwide you can send the transfer to. There are totally 2 options to out-exchange the rep to fiat; the most frequently used banks, money transfer operators and global payment systems are:

  • SWIFT Transfer in USD, can be also used with any of other currencies; to any country in the world including United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico: the funds will be sent by the International Bank Transfers. You can transfer money wherever you need! Suggested in 1 deals
  • Etana in USD to 217 countries: a global payment method. Suggested in 1 deals

Where to swap REP

Did you know that it's possible to exchange REP to 48 other cryptocurrencies? It's possible to convert Augur to/from 96% of crypto coins supported @ ExchangeRates.Pro. Some of these are really great ones (we don't list useless coins and tokens at our website), that's why we've prepared a list of exchange opportunities available. There are totally 92 swap possibilities with REP and other coins and tokens. Coin to coin exchanges are safe, easy and beneficial when you are using our service, don't worry! Feel free to get all the best rates to swap REP with other cryptos @ ExchangeRates.Pro right away or refer to the list of most highly demanded exchange directions first:

  • VeChain (VET): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from REP to VET and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • MakerDAO (DAI): that's a popular Stablecoin. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from DAI to REP and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • The Open Network (TON): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from REP to TON and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Stellar (XLM): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from REP to XLM and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Tether (USDT): that's a popular Stablecoin. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from REP to USDT and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Chainlink (LINK): that's a popular Token. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from LINK to REP and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Polkadot (DOT): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from DOT to REP and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Bitcoin (BTC): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from BTC to REP and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • EOS (EOS): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from EOS to REP and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Litecoin (LTC): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from LTC to REP and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.

Similar cryptocurrencies, that can overcome Augur:

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

  • rank: #15
  • type: Token

Chainlink (LINK)

  • rank: #16
  • type: Token

Uniswap (UNI)

  • rank: #19
  • type: Token

Polygon (MATIC)

  • rank: #24
  • type: Token

BitTorrent (BTT)

  • rank: #57
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