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IOTA (MIOTA) exchanges comparison: buy, sell, swap

IOTA (MIOTA) key market data:

  • type: Cryptocurrency
  • consensus: Custom
  • market cap: $705,318,065
  • market rank: #22
  • supply total: 2,779,530,283
  • supply available: 2,779,530,283
  • not mineable
  • MIOTA/USD: $0.25

IOTA is a Cryptocurrency, the network powered by Custom (consensus mechanism based on original technology) algorithm. The original software was developed by David Sonstebo, Sergey Ivancheglo, Dominik Schiener, Dr. Serguei Popov and first released November 27th, 2015. Nowadays the cryptocurrency is managed by the IOTΛ Foundation, an organization based in the DE. IOTA is aiming to serve the IoT industry, among the other use cases. The official IOTA website is

As of today, August 19th, 2019, out of totally available 2,779,530,283 MIOTA, 2,779,530,283 are in circulation. It's not possible to mine iotas. The total market capitalization of iota is $705,318,065, the rank among other cryptocurrencies (based on the capitalization) is #22. The current rate of 1 MIOTA is $0.25 USD; converting to the national currency of United States, the rate is 0.25 USD for 1 MIOTA. There are two currency codes for IOTA: MIOTA and IOTA, the first one is used more often.

IOTA builds a permissionless distributed ledger for a new economy: a technology to power the future of the Internet of Things (IoT) with comissionless microtransactions and data exchange integrity. IOTA network is built on a new data structure, called Tangle; it's based on the Direct Acyclic Graph and there is no need in miners and even blocks. The distributed ledger does not group transactions into blocks and doesn't store the data in sequential chains: Tangle, a stream of individual transactions entangled together is used instead of the blockchain technology.

All the transactions in IOTA require zero fees: in order to be able to send a transfer, a participant needs to validate two third party transactions. There is no financial reward for the process of transaction confirmation; the reward is a possibility to send your own funds commission-free. From the technical point of view, the validation is realized by allowing the wallet software to do some computational work: unlike PoW mining, the system requirements are very modest, the software was designed for tiny devices like sensors, etc. and even allows offline transactions. There is no hierarchy of roles and responsibilities, every user is a node of the network of equal peers.

IOTA uses its native token, IOTA token. "Iota" is the name of the smallest letter in the Greek alphabet, hence the IOTA is the smallest unit; names of the larger ones are created by adding prefixes like "mega-", etc to the "iota" word. One million iotas are called a MegaIota or Miota (Mi; MIOTA), currently, it's the base unit used for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • The native IOTA token does not support smart contracts, although a separate token built on top of the Tangle for this purpose: TOQEN is basically a blockchain with its own token (TQN).
  • The IOTA Foundation is the first regulated non-profit (original language name is "gemeinnützige Stiftung") in Germany, funded exclusively by cryptocurrencies. 
  • As the first use case of the network, IOTA launched a public marketplace for data generated by 3rd party sensors to monetize the exploding market for 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated daily and growing exponentially; both individuals and corporations are welcome to use the marketplace. The project attracted the attention of such "big players" as Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Cisco, Fujitsu, etc.

Top IOTA exchanges

IOTA is currently supported by 1% of exchanges (1 of 164) currently having active orders at ExchangeRates.Pro: 1 Trading Platforms have offers, allowing you to buy and sell IOTA. Let's check and compare which of these exchanges will suit you the best, dear visitor!

Best MIOTA exchanges to buy/sell in United States

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Sorry, at the moment there are no active exchanges with live offers to buy/sell IOTA with fiat currencies in United States. Our teams tries our best to add some ASAP!

Safest, fastest, easiest MIOTA exchanges worldwide

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Besides the abovelisted great exchanges, serving United States among other countries, there are also very good international ones among the websites exchanging iotas (exchanges that accept US, but don't allow fiat payments there are also in this list). So, if you want to pay using a payment method from abroad (say, you are originally from another country and want to buy or sell iota using the bank account or local payment system from there) or if you are looking for an exchange for someone else, we have another top list prepared for you! Of course, we can't know what is that country you are looking for, but we have two options for you, both good. You are welcome to either find the best ones yourself from all offers available at our comparison @ ExchangeRates.Pro, or feel free to check this selection of top one highest-ranked IOTA exchanges from all around the world:

  1. Binance a Trading Platform started business April, 2017. A reputable company holding all the government permissions for doing business; is licensed, etc. | 44 testimonials, 91% gave maximal rank

Where to buy MIOTA

Are you looking for the best place to buy iotas? Of course, you are! Our price comparison of exchanges is here to help, although the easiest way is to check the best offers right away @ ExchangeRates.Pro, feel free to compare yourself. Let us show you what banks and payment systems you can use to buy and sell IOTA, based on your location and preferences.

Where can you buy MIOTA in United States

At this moment, there are None offers to buy IOTA in United States. Our software is collecting the statistics about the popularity of specific local banks and payment systems. Usually, the top ones that are the most popular are also very convenient. Otherwise, why would these become so popular? You can choose any of these right away, please be our guest:

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We've compared a lot of offers to find the top ones; right now we have None ways for you to purchase iota available worldwide. Enough to choose from, right? Please keep in mind that not all of these may be possible to pay from United States, the ones that will surely be good for this country are a little bit above. The top popular ways to purchase IOTA crypto:

Where to sell MIOTA

Even the greatest MIOTA HODL GANG members sometimes have to sell some of their precious coins. It's alright, everyone does it sometimes and we are here to help! We know you want to find the buyer which will give you the highest price, there are such ones at our platform — check ExchangeRates.Pro now to find the highest rate to sell iotas to US Dollar and 151 more local currencies! There are various opportunities to swap your coins to hard cash, we list the most requested ones below.

Where can you sell MIOTA in United States

There are currently None opportunities to cash out your iota coins in US. You'd likely need to out-exchange the crypto to pay for some local expenses, shopping, etc. It's reasonable to choose the safest and most comfortable option — a local bank you are using, your preferred payment system or cash in your city. Here is our top list of the ways other people in United States prefer to exchange iota to fiat:

Easiest, safest, fastest ways to sell MIOTA worldwide

Sometimes you may need to transfer the money to another country. If you are holding IOTA, it makes sense to exchange some of these coins to the currency of that country. We can't know where exactly you would like to send the funds, so we will show you the most requested banks and payment systems worldwide you can send the transfer to. There are totally None options to out-exchange the miota to fiat; the most frequently used banks, money transfer operators and global payment systems are:

Where to swap MIOTA

Did you know that it's possible to exchange MIOTA to 4 other cryptocurrencies? It's possible to convert IOTA to/from 12% of crypto coins supported @ ExchangeRates.Pro. Some of these are really great ones (we don't list useless coins and tokens at our website), that's why we've prepared a list of exchange opportunities available. There are totally 8 swap possibilities with MIOTA and other coins and tokens. Coin to coin exchanges are safe, easy and beneficial when you are using our service, don't worry! Feel free to get all the best rates to swap MIOTA with other cryptos @ ExchangeRates.Pro right away or refer to the list of most highly demanded exchange directions first:

  • Binance Coin (BNB): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from BNB to MIOTA and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Bitcoin (BTC): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from BTC to MIOTA and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Ether (ETH): that's a popular Cryptocurrency. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from ETH to MIOTA and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.
  • Tether (USDT): that's a popular Stablecoin. There are 2 proposals (1 allow to convert from MIOTA to USDT and 1 that are converting in opposite direction.